Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Terrific Two's!

My sweet little girl turned two yesterday!  We all had so much fun celebrating with this little princess!

 Even though she isn't speaking perfectly, she does a great job of letting us know what she likes.  This little lady loves the color pink, and dresses.  She looks at it or touches it and says "Oooo!, Oooo!" with a smile and a little shoulder shrug or a hip shake.  She twirls too.  She is ALL girl and it's so fun to watch her.  
 Lillian still loves books!  She's destroyed a few, but it was out of love.  She loves to sit and look at them and always gets a few books read to her before her bedtime and naps.   
 This little girl loves princesses!  Especially from the movie Frozen!  Her first song she sang and still sings is "Let it Go".  So we went with the Frozen theme for her birthday.  I have to admit, as a snow lover myself, it was a fun theme and I really had to hold myself back.  
 We made Frozen Crowns
 Sven Antlers

 The little princess herself, eating one of her favorite foods… strawberries.  Any berry will do though.

 She's sitting in the camp chair her grandparents gave her.  Berkeley perfectly dubbed it the princess throne. 
 Alyvia and Everett getting into the Frozen theme!
 Berk and Dave watching March Madness on the iPad before the party started.  Berkeley trying hard to resist the "Princess theme"  lol!
 Lillian eating berries
 Lillian's favorite foods.
 Auntie Shana with Lillian and her "Frozen" ice cream cake.
 Digging into the ice cream cake!
 Lillian's friend Sydney and neighbor friend Maya.
 Ooooing and Awwing over her new Frozen Anna Doll and dress.  Thank you Aunt Shana!  We ended the night watching Frozen and Lillian curled up with Alyvia and her new Anna doll and watched the entire thing. (she usually won't watch movies).  I think it's safe to say she loves Frozen.  How can you not, it's so cute!
Building snowmen with glitter dough.  Alyvia's "Marshmallow" creation.

We had a fun time celebrating this cutie.  A few more funny things about Lillian.  She loves popcorn seeds.  Whenever we finish eating popcorn she excitedly scoops the leftover seeds up.  I'm sure I shouldn't be letting her do it, but she loves them.  Kinda strange... she loves gum and constantly asks for it.  When I'm ready to go and tell the kids to get ready, she goes and puts her shoes on and grabs her purse.  She prefers sparkles and pink and dresses and doesn't mind if I put hair bows in her hair (her sister hated it) and actually brings them to me to put in her hair.   So far, the two's aren't terrible, so we're calling them the terrific two's and are happily enjoying watching this cutie learn and grow.  We love you Lillian!  


Shelley said...

What a fun party! And what a sweet girl Lillian is. I love seeing how girly she is!