Sunday, January 27, 2013

Childhood Memories- Redneck Water Park and Dave's X Games

The past few days Alyvia has requested that Dave and I tell her one of our childhood memories.  As I thought about my memories tonight, I realized that I remember a lot of traumatic, scary things that happened to me and I really had to dig to remember normal fun stuff.  That's probably our brains way of helping us learn from our mistakes so we don't kill ourselves by doing the same dumb thing twice.. :)

My memory tonight was when my parents would flood our front yard.  We had a circular driveway that  had big beautiful trees halfway around it.  The inside of the circle was grass.  I remember this area would be flooded with about 3-4 inches of water.  I think my parents just rerouted the ditch water long enough to flood it.  We would put our swimming suits on and head out for some fun.  To add to the fun, my parents would put something in the water... clorox?  which would make all of the worms come out of the ground.  Maybe it was just the fact that we were flooding their homes.  Mom, can you clarify.  Anyways, we would "swim" or float around picking worms up and putting them in containers to use for fishing.  Sometimes we would bring out the black inner tubes and float in them.  It was a regular redneck water park!  Ha, ha.  Good times.  Alyvia thought it was very strange that I would have fun floating around with worms... Now that I look back at it, I'm wondering the same thing.  It was fun though!

Alyvia also wanted to know a cat story, so I told her about the time that I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of baby kittens... I remember being so confused and yelling to my mom, "Mom, I hear kittens in my room!"  My mom replied,"Be quiet and go to sleep!"  to which I did not and yelled again, "Really mom, I hear baby kitten!"  after a few back and forth yelling episodes, my mom finally came in and turned on the light and sure enough, little baby kittens were crawling across my bedroom carpet.  Apparently our pregnant cat had snuck into our closet and had baby kittens in there and for some odd reason, they all crawled out at night.  It was a fun and very exciting night!

I also told Alyvia that we had a lot of cats growing up.   All of them were out door cats, but Shana and I would tame a few to play with.  Shana would always name her kittens Fluffy, which was the kiss of death because every cat named Fluffy always got hit by a car and died.  Shana and I would also dress our cats up in doll clothes and pretend they were our babies.  Poor cats!  

Dave also told Alyvia a story yesterday that he's going to share:

I learned to ride a bike when I was 8 years old so this story probably happened in 5th grade when I was at my bike riding peak.  In our backyard in maryland there was a huge hill.  So tall that you could only see the rooftops of the two homes behind ours.  I would ride down the hill on my bike, go between the two houses and out into their cul de sac.  It was a blast.

One day we decided it would be great to have a ramp at the bottom of the hill.  We took 3 logs and a plank and made a ramp.  It was pretty narrow so we missed it a couple times.  Finally, determined, I hit it square on.  I launched into the air and my feet floated off the pedals.  They never found the pedals before I landed on the ground.  Ouch!  Not only did I land on the cross bar and hit my chest on the handlebars, but I was out of control and eventually crashed into the side of the neighbors garage.  It made a really loud noise.  I don't remember if a neighbor came out before I rode away, but I was really embarrassed, but sure made a great memory!