Tuesday, December 18, 2012

If you give a child a drink...

I thought I'd write down the parents version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  Dave and I thought of this one night after we put our kids to bed.

When you are putting your children to bed and they ask for a drink of water, chances are, they're going to want some bread to go with it.

When they eat the bread, they'll realize that their teeth are dirty and that they will need to brush their teeth.  Again.

When they are brushing their teeth, they will get sticky tooth paste all over their pajamas and ask for new ones..

When you give them the pair of red pajamas, they'll ask for the blue ones.  You'll remember that their blue pajamas are in the dryer.  

When you go to get their blue pajamas from the dryer, they'll start jumping on the bed.  

When they start jumping on the bed, they'll realize that they drank too much water and they'll ask to go to the bathroom...

When they're in the bathroom they'll get cold and yell out,"Mom, I need my blue pajamas, it's cold!" 

Shortly after they yell, the baby will wake up and start crying.  When the baby starts crying mom's going to start crying too...

Let me know if you have a verse that I can add.  I'm sure you've got some good ones!
Somehow I need to fit in the:
I forgot to finish my homework
I'm hot
I'm cold
I'm scared

The joys of putting children to bed!


Kristin said...

I stalk your blog, okay I admit it! I enjoy your witty humor and I thought I'd fess up! This is adorable and I feel like I am living that book daily, even when my kids are at school! Bedtime is definitely most applicable!