Sunday, April 12, 2015

Look who's three!! Our Little Princess!

I say this every year, with every kid, but I can't believe Lillian is already 3!  She is really adorable.  She has the cutest mannerisms and she uses them a lot because her speech is a little behind.  She tilts her head, smiles, hugs, kisses, shrugs her shoulders, bats her eyes...She jibber jabbers a lot and she's learning more new words daily.  One thing is very clear, she loves princess, especially Ariel, Rapunzel and Elsa.  We kept her birthday low key and had a princess tea party with her cute friend Sydney.  They were born a few days apart and love a lot of the same things.  See the unplanned matching Elsa dresses as evidence.  We love this girl and are so happy she is in our family!! 

 Everett joined the party!  A handsome prince!

 We let both girls blow out candles over and over again.  They had a blast!

 Is that not the cutest face ever!!
 Princess lego's from Sydney, what a hit!!

 Kisses from Everett!
 Return kisses from Lillian.  These two are very lovey and so cute!

 Frozen barbies!!
 She also LOVES Hello Kitty!!
 Princess Lillian!

 Aunt Shana's gift for Lilian's bedroom!  She loves it!
 Everett being silly and freezing Lillian!

 Blowing out her candles!

So proud of herself.  Lillian has a self assurance and poise that I just love.  I'm excited to see what she does with her life.  We love you Lillian!!

Double Digits!!

Berk is now 10!!  He's such an honest, fun, thoughtful kid!  He still loves sports, friends, meat, games, and now Under Armour.. He wanted all of his friends to party with him, so when I saw a discount on the video game truck I snatched it up.  He/ they had a blast!!

 Power up station where the boys could grab some food after all of that game time!
 One boy said, "This is the best party ever!  They have Cheeseballs!"  I had to laugh, that was Berk's only request for his party!  I guess they're easy to please at age 10, ha ha!
 This little guy stayed cute during the whole party…I guess the cheese balls were more popular, Ha!
 Brimming with excitment!

 Inside the video game truck.  There were 5 flat screens, an Xbox 1, Wii u, Playstation, you name it, they had it.  The stadium seating, led lights and laser lights really jazzed it up.

 Berk's Mario cake!  Yay for M&M art!

The end of a great birthday!  Happy 10th Birthday Berkeley, We Love You!!

Christmas 2014

We had a great Christmas this year.  I got a new camera!!  Here are some pics we took over the holidays!

 Alyvia singing with her new Karaoke Machine!
 Cute profile picture of my boys!
 My handsome hubby!

 Grandma Ferrel with the youngest grandchild Kaden Ferrel.
 Aunt Lisa Ferrel with her sister Tracy.
 Aunt Lisa with her sister and mother
 Uncle Mark, Aunt Kathryn, and David!
 Cousin Aubrey, Alyvia, and cousin Allie!  Cute cousins!
 Aunt Kathryn and Grandpa Ferrel.
 The Ferrel cousins and Tracy's children!  Playing Settlers of Catan!
 Everett had his friends come over to play and make Christmas cookies!

 The Three Wise Men in our Christmas Nativity.

 Lillian playing with the doll house  Alyiva made and gave to her for Christmas!

 Berkeley's Santa gift.
 Alyvia's Santa Gift.
 Everett's Santa gift.
 Dave mesmerized by his new ball maze.
Alyvia's new nail polish kit.
 Trip to the US Botanical Gardens Christmas train exhibit!  Downtown DC.

 Look how many cousins can touch their nose with their tongue!  Now that's talent!!
 The Botanical Gardens recreate all of the buildings and monuments downtown using only natural leaves and sticks.  I love it!
 Dave hugging the bear bush...
 Extendo chair!

 Cameron, Tristan, Berk and Everett and a glimpse of Lillian playing in the fountain.
 Alyvia, cousin Rachel and cousin Emily!
 Alyvia at the train exhibit.

 Family pic!
 Amanda jumping posts by the Swedish Embassy, she just returned from her mission in Sweden!
 Emily, Everett and Rachel!  So cute!
 Lilian getting in on the fun!
 On top of the Watergate, Ev!
 Cameron and Tristan with Georgetown University in the background.
Look at that smile!!
 Temple Lights!!