Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Terrific Two's!

My sweet little girl turned two yesterday!  We all had so much fun celebrating with this little princess!

 Even though she isn't speaking perfectly, she does a great job of letting us know what she likes.  This little lady loves the color pink, and dresses.  She looks at it or touches it and says "Oooo!, Oooo!" with a smile and a little shoulder shrug or a hip shake.  She twirls too.  She is ALL girl and it's so fun to watch her.  
 Lillian still loves books!  She's destroyed a few, but it was out of love.  She loves to sit and look at them and always gets a few books read to her before her bedtime and naps.   
 This little girl loves princesses!  Especially from the movie Frozen!  Her first song she sang and still sings is "Let it Go".  So we went with the Frozen theme for her birthday.  I have to admit, as a snow lover myself, it was a fun theme and I really had to hold myself back.  
 We made Frozen Crowns
 Sven Antlers

 The little princess herself, eating one of her favorite foods… strawberries.  Any berry will do though.

 She's sitting in the camp chair her grandparents gave her.  Berkeley perfectly dubbed it the princess throne. 
 Alyvia and Everett getting into the Frozen theme!
 Berk and Dave watching March Madness on the iPad before the party started.  Berkeley trying hard to resist the "Princess theme"  lol!
 Lillian eating berries
 Lillian's favorite foods.
 Auntie Shana with Lillian and her "Frozen" ice cream cake.
 Digging into the ice cream cake!
 Lillian's friend Sydney and neighbor friend Maya.
 Ooooing and Awwing over her new Frozen Anna Doll and dress.  Thank you Aunt Shana!  We ended the night watching Frozen and Lillian curled up with Alyvia and her new Anna doll and watched the entire thing. (she usually won't watch movies).  I think it's safe to say she loves Frozen.  How can you not, it's so cute!
Building snowmen with glitter dough.  Alyvia's "Marshmallow" creation.

We had a fun time celebrating this cutie.  A few more funny things about Lillian.  She loves popcorn seeds.  Whenever we finish eating popcorn she excitedly scoops the leftover seeds up.  I'm sure I shouldn't be letting her do it, but she loves them.  Kinda strange... she loves gum and constantly asks for it.  When I'm ready to go and tell the kids to get ready, she goes and puts her shoes on and grabs her purse.  She prefers sparkles and pink and dresses and doesn't mind if I put hair bows in her hair (her sister hated it) and actually brings them to me to put in her hair.   So far, the two's aren't terrible, so we're calling them the terrific two's and are happily enjoying watching this cutie learn and grow.  We love you Lillian!  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Main Man Berkeley!

How has my little boy turned into a 9 year old!  He is getting taller and taller and eating more and more…

A little about this handsome guy:
He still loves the color gold.  He's asked for a small piece of gold for his birthday…if only the price wasn't so atrocious at the moment...
He's still good with numbers, math comes very naturally to him.
He loves sports and is very competitive.  He plays soccer, basketball, baseball (his favorite), swimming (his least favorite) and football (my least favorite).
He's full of emotions, but hardly shows them (unless your his mom).
Strong silent type.  All the way.
Loyal and honest to a fault.  You are lucky to be his friend, he will never betray you.
Pumpkin pie is still his birthday cake of choice.
Favorite meal… Meat.  Meatball subs, steak tacos, Salmon.. Meat.  I hear, "Mom, I want some meat.." at least once a day.
Loves Video Games and is currently all about Minecraft.  He's crafted a boat house, a roller coaster and multiple other "crafty" things.  Which leads me to my next character trait,
Creative.  Berkeley loves to create.  I found a statue in his desk made from the wax that went around his cheese at lunch.  I was impressed by the statue and the medium that he chose.
Entertainer.  Berk loves to entertain and be funny.  Lillian is his favorite audience.  She loves to play with Berk.  It's a very cute bond.
Piano.  He tolerates it, but is doing well.   He did do exceptionally well at the recital, he played each piece perfectly, even though he was the most visibly nervous.  We were impressed.

For his 9th Birthday Party we went with a Minecraft Theme.

Funny note about this picture.  When I first met Dave in college, he did this same pose a few times during conversations with my roommates.  We knew another Dave, so the nickname we gave my hubby was "President Dave" because he did this pose, so I find it hilarious that Berkeley also does this pose.  I'm glad we got this pose on camera!
 Ev and Lillian got Berk tickets to see the new Lego Movie!

 Lovin his pumpkin pie!

 Birthday Party at Cub Run Rec Center, his cousins Cam and Tristan.
 Berk and his friend Will
Two cuties!
 Berk and Friends
 Alyvia and Friends

Minecraft rice crispy cake.
Devouring the cake!  It was a fun party and Berkeley is now officially 9!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!  This year has been full of fun, and has flown by.  Even my kids were commenting in the car that this year has really flown by.  Aren't we suppose to feel like time is slowly ticking away when we're kids…

Some of the highlights of this year included traveling to see family this summer.  We first traveled to  GA, then FL for a Ferrel Family Reunion to celebrate Mom and Dad Ferrel's 50th Wedding Anniversary.  All the Families were there except the two missionaries Amanda (in Sweden) and Allie (in Oregon).  It was so fun.  Here's a little hit list of memories made:
Big House.  Princess Hideout made by Alyvia and Laurel.  Fun on the beach with cousins.  Family pictures.  Jet Skiing on the Sound.  Family Night talent show (Hargis's Hawaiian dancing).  Cool Decorations, Balloon ceiling.  Awesome Seashell Cake.  Failed Glowing Lantern Attempt.  How we met stories.  Cousin Bonding and drum roll… fighting.  All the cousins and adults for that matter enjoyed each other's company and had so much fun!

After the GA/FL trip we flew straight to Idaho for a month of fun there!  Here are some of the highlights:
Cardboard Houses in the backyard.  Failed Fishing Attempts.  Snow Cones.  Wildlife Museum and a Huge Sturgeon.  McCall Idaho, beautiful Lake, Camping, body boarding, Falling in the water and laughing at ourselves.  Yummy ice cream cones.  Rodeo.  Traveling to Rigby, then the cabin in Island Park.  15 year high school reunion.  Tornado warning (while we were there).  Boat rides on the lake.  Kenna cousin time.  Finally catching some fish.  Yellowstone National Park and Elk that almost walked right up to us.  Paint Pots.  Souvenirs.   Illegal Buffalo statue photos.  Mexican food from a Bus.  

After ID we drove to Ut for a short visit with Grandma June (98 years old).  Ev took a picture of her with his camera because he wanted a picture to remember her by.  So cute.  We also spent a night walking around BYU with the kids and ended it at the BYU Creamery.  Even Lillian stayed awake for the ice cream at 11 pm.

We also slipped in a trip to GA for Thanksgiving.  Blume cousin time.  GA aquarium.  The Movie Frozen with Grandma and Grandpa.  Yummy Thanksgiving Dinner.  Grandma and Grandpa's swing.

It was a great Year with some fun travels.  Each family member grew, some in better ways than others…  Here's a little list of what everyone is up to:

Lilian- Chocolate Queen. Contagious Giggler.  Coat and Shoe Lover.  Book Looker.  Shoulder Shrugger.  Heart Melter.
Everett- Funniest Sayings King.  Food Scavenger.  Cookie Maker.  Video Game Lover.  Ice skater.  Song Singer.  Bernstein Bears Book Lover.  Thinker.  Girl Lover.    

Berkeley-  Piano Player.  Cheese Wax Sculptor.  Baseball, Basketball and Soccer Player.  Video Game Winner.  Competitor.  Crossover Ice skater.  Lillian Lover.  Geronimo Stillton Book Reader.  Meat Lover.
Alyvia-  Book Writer.  Creator.  American Girl Doll Lover.  Fast Swimmer.  Cross Over Ice Skater.  Piano Player.  Harry Potter Reader.  Watermelon Lover.      
David-  Rollerblader.  Piano Player.  Small House Lover.  Conserver.  Marshmallow Lover.  Lego Master.  Bread Winner.  Ward Mission Leader.

Jana-  Primary Teacher.  Food maker.  Preschool Teacher.  Party Planner.  Nacho Lover.  Yoga Poser.  Blogger.


Hargis Hula Dancing

Awesome seashell Cake

On the beach with cousins.

Talent Show, beauty show by Emily Miller

             Tube wave bumping

Jet Skiing

Balloon Ceiling and How we met story
Secret Princess Hideout
Party time in the secret Princess Hideout
BYU Creamery

BYU tour

Visiting Aunt Rexene and Grandma June

Yellowstone Mudpots

Caldwell Rodeo

Best Mexican Food in a bus

Fun with Friend Angie in Boise

Real Fry Sauce!

Snow Cones!

Free Root Beer Floats At A&W

Camping in McCall, ID

Baby Frogs from the pond

Ball Family Cabin in Island Park

Caldwell Rodeo!

Cabin in Island Park

15 year Class Reunion!

Close Elk in Yellowstone

Old Faithful Yellowstone

Do Not Climb on the Buffalo.  Oops, saw that sign a little too late!

Rock Candy in Yellowstone