Wednesday, October 8, 2014

January-April 2014

 Here's a little catch up on what we've done so far in 2014….    Great Wolf Lodge in Feb.!

Rock Climbing!

Dave and I watched the Caps play!  So fun to be there!
Dave babysat Lillian… She loves writing on herself.  At least she didn't write on the walls!
We finished the library!  We call it the Lego/craft room.

Go Caps!
We love the snow!   We went sledding at Wolftrap!

Snow Boarding at Liberty with friends!  Lots of falls and lots of fun!


Monday, July 28, 2014

My baby girl is 11!!

 Sweet Alyvia has grown so much this year!  Literally!  Her shoe size is only 1/2 a size smaller than mine, and I have big feet!  This little lady still loves being creative, writing stories, drawing pictures, making anything.  She's learning to play the piano beautifully.  Homework this year was a breeze (on my end).  She just did it, which was so nice.  Somehow the responsibility kicked in…most of the time.

This year Alyvia really shined!  She just kept doing more and more awesome things!  A few notes to mention this year:

Alyvia tried out and got a solo part in her school choir which she performed at the spring concert.  She sang Elphaba's part in For Good.  We were so proud of her.  I would've never done that!  She sounded awesome and got so many compliments afterward.

Alyvia's teacher commented to me that she was a wonderful girl to have in class, she commented on her writing and loved her stories.  Alyvia did well in all of her school work.

This year was a great year for swim team!  Alyvia was one of the swim team's top 3 swimmers in free style and backstroke!  She was able to go to all of the A meets, divisional relays and D2 divisionals where she swam backstroke.  Only the top 2 times on the team get to swim in this meet.  She finished off with a lot of ribbons and a trophy!  She has a beautiful stroke, I'm jealous!

To top off a wonderful year, we decided to take her to NYC to see Wicked for her birthday!  I figured if she could sing it, she'd better get to see it.  Everything was planned out and then I got a dreaded email… "We hope you enjoyed your show!"  "What?!"  Yes, I had done the worst thing ever… I bought the tickets for the wrong day!  I know, horrible!  After crying my eyes out and throwing up (not really, but almost), I called the theater and they said I could use the tickets in the fall when they weren't sold out anymore.  Phew!  Not perfect, but it worked.  So, Alyvia being the angle that she is was ok with that and we just went to NYC and had a blast on her birthday anyways and are planning to return in the fall to actually watch Wicked.  Here are some pics from her epic birthday:

 On the Megabus headed to NYC!
 NYC skyline
 The Lincoln Tunnel (for all you Elf fans out there).

 NY style pizza!
 Rockin it in Time Square!
 FAO Schwartz Toy Store!
 The gift she bought for her daddy because he loves nerds (not because he is one).
 Central Park!  Alyvia really liked seeing trees again… me too.  Not gonna lie, NYC is dirty, they could use a few more trees in the city.

 The Statue of Liberty, Alyvia was so excited to see it!
The Big Piano at FAO Schwartz.
 Alyvia's friend party!  They went to the pool (hence the pool cake) and had fun, swam and watch The Lego Movie outside.  Her party coincided with the pool's outdoor movie night.  So fun!
Alyvia and her cute friends being cute!

Oops, forgot a few pics and too lazy to rearrange them!
Yummy European bakery!

 Toys R Us in Time Square, it had a huge indoor ferris wheel!
 We got the My Little Pony cart..  Too bad Lillian wasn't with us, she would've loved it!!  Alyvia liked it too! :)
 Riding the ferris wheel, a great way to shop I might add.  We could see all of the floors of the store and which toys were on them!
 Riding the subway!  Only took us 20 minutes to figure out which train to ride and to find where the train was at.  It's like a city under the city, hallways and shops.  Way bigger than the metro in DC...
9-11 Memorial, very sobering…We only got to see it for a short time when a massive lightening storm hit.  So glad we found a shop to eat lunch in close by.  All of the buildings in the area had entire sides that faced the 9-11 area walled off, no windows.  Not sure if that was part of the rebuilding process or done intentionally. We walked right by a fire station and I couldn't help but think of all the brave men and women who lost their lives that day.

On that happy note, I'll end the post.  
Alyvia had a fabulous birthday, she went into it feeling 10 and came out of it feeling 10, or so she said.    I think she finally feels 11 now.  :)